How and where to use Hikari SQ

Hikari SQ is a highly versatile lighting component for architectural and decorative lighting projects and luminaire designs. We have added some examples of locations and uses of our technology below to provide you with some inspiration. We love seeing the different applications for our technology that our customers create so, if you come up with something new, please let us know by tagging us on Instagram or by sending us an email to Alternatively, should you require engineering support to help bring your ideas to life, please drop us a line and we would be happy to help.


Screenshot 2019-01-04 11.40.17.png

The clean lines of Hikari SQ complement modern workplace designs while providing high quality light to maintain a comfortable working environment. In groups, Hikari SQ can be arranged in geometric patterns to illuminate board room or meeting room tables. It can also be incorporated into a range of sleek task light designs for executive desks.

Restaurant / Bar / Hotel

Screenshot 2019-01-04 11.43.52.png

With a choice of three colour temperatures, Hikari SQ can help to create the perfect mood in any restaurant, bar or hotel. Its premium design and cutting edge technology can complement a range of venue styles through table lighting, bar displays and recessed-effect light panels.

Retail / Airport Duty Free / Shopping Mall

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The seamless, edge to edge surface area of Hikari SQ makes it easy to discreetly integrate into premium retail displays. It requires no additional heat sink and occupies a minimum amount of retail real estate. The glare-free, CRI 90 light delivers excellent colour clarity of the products on display. Above, Hikari SQ has been fitted beneath glass shelves to uplight premium cosmetics and whiskey displays- ideal for high-end shopping malls and airport Duty Free.

Kitchen / Residential

Screenshot 2019-01-04 11.53.30.png

Hikari SQ offers kitchen manufacturers and lighting designers a minimalist, clean and modern lighting component that does not sacrifice performance for integration within kitchen or domestic furniture or as a stand alone feature of a statement luminaire or chandelier.