ORGANZA: A collaboration between Lightly Technologies and Shane Holland Design Workshops

Lightly Technologies recently teamed up with lighting designers, Shane Holland Design Workshops, to create ORGANZA - an ultra-thin luminaire with the performance, manufacturing and commercial advantages of LED.


The collaboration was initiated back in 2018 when Shane Holland, MD of Shane Holland Design Workshops, met Matt Hanbury, founder of Lightly Technologies, at Frankfurt’s Light and Building exhibition. It was here that Holland discovered Hikari SQ by Lightly Technologies – an ultra-thin LED light source inspired by advanced smartphone displays. Holland was so impressed by the quality of light produced by such a slim module that he and Hanbury agreed to look for an opportunity to work together in the future.


That opportunity arose earlier this year when Holland shared a series of luminaire design sketches with Hanbury. One sketch in particular captured everyone’s imagination. Bearing the form of an inverted, period ballgown, one with layer upon layer of fabric, the luminaire was named Organza. It consists of three concentric rings with tabs that fold up at 55 degrees. Each tab holds one of 23 Hikari SQ ultra-thin light sources facing outwards. The result is 360 degrees of dimmable light from an elegantly-geometric design that, although minimal in style, can comfortably illuminate much larger spaces than its form would suggest. Click here to view photos from the workshop and the final design.

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Organza will be previewed at [d]arc room 2019, part of the London Design Fair, followed by LED Professional Symposium in Austria.

Shane Holland Design Workshops

Shane Holland Design Workshops are designers and makers of lighting, furniture, awards and sculptural works since 1991. Their workshop and studio is based in Duleek, County Meath in the historic Boyne Valley region.

The products are inspired by nature as are the materials themselves and the ultimate aim is to create timeless pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. With twenty-eight years experience in metalworking, composites, woods, and plastics and having built up an international reputation, Holland’s unique collections of lighting and furniture have been exhibited in London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, and Beijing.

Shane and his team welcome collaborations with architects, designers, businesses, organizations, and homeowners.

The Shane Holland Design Workshops is one of only a few design practices in Ireland that has the capability to design, prototype and produce products from start to finish, all from their studio in Duleek. This allows greater control of a project during implementation.

Recently we have received the following awards for our products or collaborations.

  • UK Home and Garden Award, "Best Bespoke Fittings ROI 2019"

  • Commended Architects Choice Awards 2018,"Best Lighting for Tube Light"

  • Winners Architects Choice Awards 2017, "Best Lighting Product" and Highly Commended, "Best Renewable product 2017" for Cruise light.

  • RIAI Architecture Ireland, "Best Place Award" for Marconi with Denis Byrne Architects.