Hikari SQ is an advanced, miniaturised form of edge-lighting technology. It uses a light guide plate and a unique combination of optical films to maximise light output and uniformity as well as controlling the beam angle. It out-performs existing ultra-thin technology across almost every metric including light output, efficacy, lifetime, beam control, uniformity, colour stability, thermal management, bezel width, thickness and module robustness. It is compatible with standard constant current LED drivers and DALI dimming. Each Hikari SQ module is just 3.2mm thin, weighs only 35g and delivers up to 450lm of low-glare, CRI 93 light.

Developer kit unboxing

Get started with your Hikari SQ developer kit with this unboxing and setup video. Watch here.


Technical specifications, data sheets and product applications for Hikari SQ 2700K, 3000K and 4000K. Download the data sheets.

design-in guide

The design-in guide includes all the information required to design luminaires & lighting installations using Hikari SQ. This covers optical, electrical, thermal and mechanical considerations to optimise your product development. Download the design-in guide.


To support engineering design, the following CAD files are available: Download CAD files.

  • Parasolid (.x_t)

  • STEP (.step)

  • Engineering Drawing (.pdf)

  • Eulumdat (.ldt)

HIKARI SQ holders

Click here to download CAD files for three types of Hikari SQ holders:

  • Clip Frame Holder

  • Clip-In Holder

  • Clip-Over Holder

To support engineering design for luminaires and lighting installations, this section includes an unboxing video, a comprehensive design-in guide with detailed specifications, CAD files and photometry files. For engineering support, please click here to contact the Engineering Team.