4x Hikari SQ | 2700K | Developer Kit

Screenshot 2018-10-15 16.41.38.png
Screenshot 2018-10-15 16.41.38.png

4x Hikari SQ | 2700K | Developer Kit


Developer kits include: 

4x Hikari SQ 2700K modules

250mA 8W LED driver

5x connectors

Quick start guide

Use our developer kit to experience the quality of our ultra-thin LED light source technology and to start creating your own unique luminaire designs.

Warning: This developer kit requires mains wiring and must only be used by a competent electrical professional. For this reason a mains plug is not included with the developer kit. Please order separately.

These Hikari SQ modules are engineering prototypes, there may be performance and cosmetic changes for the final product. These modules are not for commercial use.

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